RARE Transformational Framework

An Introduction

The convenience and comforts taken for granted today would be unthinkable, say even 25 years ago, and perhaps considered luxury fit for a king! Yet surprisingly, we seem to be more lonely, stressed, depressed, and joyless than ever before. Many beautiful things around us should elevate our mood, but it’s almost as if they become irrelevant in no time, and we are back to our gloomy self. Flowers are blooming, the sunset is beautiful, there are moments filled with love, we are achieving success, strangers are kind, but we are never in the mindset to appreciate them. This gloominess can be overcome by identifying and working towards a goal of inner transformation. Do you see yourself seeking such a goal in terms of increased focus, being mindful, having decreased anxiety, reduced stress, more joy in daily life? These goals require you to form the right habits. Wouldn’t you like to achieve a chosen goal by spending just 12-17 minutes daily? Welcome to the RARE (Reflect, Act, Reinforce, Evaluate) framework that makes this possible.
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Why Reflect?

We are often told that the outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and we see the world around us based on our conditioning. You must have come across the expression, “Clean your windowpane and all that is outside will appear clean too”, but the question is, how can one achieve it?

Studies indicate that a few minutes of meditation every day as practice, preferably in the morning, will help in reducing stress, increasing awareness, and has a tremendous mental and Emotional impact on your well-being . There is a quote that says “A hammer can’t imitate a key without breaking things. For what is attained by going within can’t be accomplished from the surface”. What a physical workout does for the body, meditation does for the mind.

The suggestion is to start the day with reflective meditation.

Why Act?

Meditation alone, though, may not be sufficient for an irreversible transformation. While meditation provides tangible benefits, there is another intangible tool that can be used to transform oneself, especially when practiced with meditation. That tool is kindness, both to self and others.

Studies indicate that kindness influences the giver more than the receiver and has definite correlations with improved mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It has been observed that performing simple and random acts of kindness increase happiness hormones. It has a significant impact on the self as well as the society due to its ripple effect. The effect is multiplied if one can practice both meditation and kindness regularly, as they are interrelated and work together to impact our inner state and the external life we lead.

It is good to do a new but simple kind act, daily.

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Why Reinforce?

Our actions shape our day, which, in turn, shapes our life. Perhaps, to transform oneself, there needs to be a change in one’s perspectives. A few minutes of inspirational content can go a long way in shaping our perspective, bit by bit. It is especially true if the content is relevant to inner transformation.

It helps to expose ourselves to bite-sized, relevant, and inspirational content.

Why Evaluate?

What is it that separates grand success from mediocrity? For most people, talent is the word that comes to mind, but that is not the case. Take, for example, a race car driver and a taxi driver. Both may put in an equal number of hours into driving, but a taxi driver cannot switch professions with the other, isn’t it?

It is periodic evaluation and progressive realignment that causes an individual, a company, or a community to reach higher levels of success. Introspecting and tracking one’s progress daily is similar to making small changes in the course of a boat at sea – it is vital to reach the destination.

Ending the day with evaluation can lead to a better tomorrow.

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An invitation

If you want to develop a healthy habit to reach your goal, then we invite you to try the RARE framework. Start your day with meditation, perform simple acts of kindness, read inspirational content for a few minutes, and evaluate and measure your progress by the end of the day. All of this in just 12-17 minutes every day. We believe that after you start the practice, you will witness the transformation unfold, in a matter of weeks.

Black Lotus App has implemented the RARE framework to conveniently provide the user with daily simple transformational activities, curated to achieve specific inner goals, in the quickest possible time. You can test drive it for free at www.blacklotus.app.