A Little Kinder Everyday


A Little Kinder Everyday

“I have decided to be kinder in every way possible,” says our reader Chaitanya Yechuri who made Kindness a habit by practicing it for 21 days. “I have been very conscious of being kind. It might be helping a colleague in any work with genuine interest, smiling at people sitting next to me on the bus or the person waiting behind me in queues, or even calling and sharing a laugh with my parents. They have become an integral part of my life. Now I am no longer trying to be kind but have become one.” Here is an act of kindness that he shares:

While walking to work, I saw a lady carrying her sleeping child with one hand and holding both her bag and that of her child with the other. She was having a hard time doing this. I noticed that she dropped her bag and then carefully, without waking the child, adjusted the child and the bags more comfortably.

I was walking in the same direction and found that my kindness mojo immediately kicked in. I offered to help, saying I would carry the child’s bag. Her first reaction was that it was okay and that she could manage. But I insisted.
“Your daughter could wake up. Let me help you. My office is also in the same way .”
I took her child’s bag, and we walked together on the footpath. She thanked me.
“Which class is she in?” I asked the lady.
“She is still small, and I drop her off at the daycare center before work,” she told me.

We reached the daycare center, and the lady carefully transferred the little girl to the center employee. Then she requested the employee not to wake the little girl as she had had a restless night. Then she told me, “So many people saw me struggling this morning, but you helped me even when I refused your assistance,” the lady told me.
“Pleasure helping you, ma’am,” I said and walked away, smiling. And I told myself, “Thank you, ma’am, as I now have some dopamine in my brain, which will keep me happy throughout the day! I also have a story to tell to spread Kindness. Thank you once again.”

Akshay Iyer
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