How to be Happy – In Relationships

How to be Happy in Relationship

How to be Happy – In Relationships

I will share with you the golden rule, the principal guideline, or the Mantra of always being happy. If you can adopt what I am about to tell you, then 99.9% of the time, you will be happy, especially in relationships. It is a very simple thing; not very difficult. I am not asking you to meditate, chant, attend meditation camps, etc. I promise, if you try it for the next few days, you will feel very happy. 

Here it is – Remember never to take anything personally.

If you only remember, ‘I will not take anything personally,’ then nothing will hurt you. You have to bear in mind one thing – people love you, people want you, but they have a different way of expressing it. People are not living in your dream world. People are living in their dream world. When they say things to you that you may not like, or when they do things you like, or when you are wondering why they said or did something to you, please remember not to take it personally. It is not about you. They are not trying to hurt you or inflict any harm to you. It is how they are. If you just remember this one thing of not taking things personally, you will be simply amazed at how easy it is to be at peace or to be happy.

If something is not happening according to you, then do not take it personally. Remind yourself that as much as you would like, it is not about you. This one simple understanding will change the way you look at the world around you and change how you interpret things happening to you.

It is not about you. Do not take it personally. If you take it personally, every little thing is going to be an issue. If you do not take it personally, the biggest of things will not affect you at all. It is that simple!

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Om Swami
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  • Sanjay Bose
    Posted at 15:54h, 12 March Reply

    Guruji, it is really a good suggestion. Most of the time, we take thing personally specially about the people close to us. It is also a way to avoid conflict. Thank you Guruji for a nice word on relationship.

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