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For Happier employees and significantly
reduced work stress.

Contribute to Employee Wellbeing

Witness transformational results with our customized ‘Employee Wellbeing Program’ that includes guided meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness moments, one-minute mind relaxation techniques and a measurable framework.

What we can accomplish together

Reduced stress

Reduced stress
and anxiety

Explore 'Be Stress-Free' goal in the app can help reduce stress in 14 days

Better sleep

Better sleep and
increased calmness

Experience Yoga Nidra and meditation music for better sleep

Sharper mind

Sharper mind and increased focus in employees

Use 'Build Focus' goal in the app to unleash the power of concentrative meditation

Reduced negativity

Reduced negativity
and aggression

Learn to use kindness & gratitude as a daily tool to increase positivity in your life

Increased productivity

Increased productivity and performance

Our proprietary framework RARE(Reflect.Act.Reinforce.Evaluate) ensures measurable results and impact at individual as well as team levels

Improved work

Improved work

Simple in-app features backed by behavioural science fosters better empathy and understanding among employees

Experience the power

Experience the power
of NOW

Quality meditation sessions, breathing techniques and in-app mindfulness activities helps one to experiece the power of now

Increased creativity at work

Increased creativity
at work

Unfold the power of mindfulness and heightened creativity with in-app daily activities and specially curated programs by Om Swami

Meet the Black Lotus Global Ambassadors


Vidit Gujrathi
India Chess Grandmaster, Rank 3

Vidit Santosh Gujrathi is an Indian chess player. He became a Grandmaster in January 2013, becoming the 30th player from India to do so. He is currently the third-highest rated player in India, ranked 22nd in the world and is the fourth Indian player to have crossed the Elo rating threshold of 2700. He is also a disciplined meditator.


Rohil Arun Jethmalani
International Yoga Teacher

Rohil began his journey into yoga by coming into contact with meditation many years ago. His meditation practice is complemented with Ashtanga-vinyasa. He has spent long periods of time over the past few years with various teachers learning Ashtanga in the traditional Mysore-style. Rohil has taught intensive courses in Morocco, Bali and India. He has trained more than 800 yoga teachers. He is currently pursuing a master’s program in Cognitive Science to understand the scientific basis behind the various practices of yoga

Why Black Lotus is World’s Best Meditation App

Based on in-depth research and understanding of behavioural science

Fostering habit for meditation with
focus on quality

The only app in the world that goes beyond meditation
with a proprietary framework called RARE

Evaluates and measures the user’s
transformation journey

Perceivable positive changes in 21 days of use.
Over 250,000 user impact stories

4.8+ app store rating. 30 million minutes of
meditation accomplished by users

250,000 User Impact Stories. 1 Million Lives Touched

App rating

app rating

One million lives touched

1 million lives

Impact stories 250k

250,000 +
impact stories

Tracking report


Insights driven admin console

Insights driven
admin console

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