Learn to Meditate

Learn to meditate, step-by-step, from the words of Om Swami.

What is meditation?

When was the last time you sat in silence? When was the last time you experienced deep silence? That is what meditation is

Four Hurdles in Meditation -2

It is absolutely normal to experience some challenges when practicing meditation. Your mind will wander and you will be unable to focus; this happens to everyone.

Alertness in Good Meditation -3

Meditation is the best way to raise our level of consciousness. A core factor that influences good meditation is Alertness.

How To Begin Meditation -4

When you meditate, you inject far-reaching and long lasting benefits into your life. The question is, how do you begin meditation?

Six Principles of Meditation -5

The mind is as hard to master as the wind claims Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita (the sacred Hindu text). There are, however, some great ways to make it easier.

Elements of Good Posture in Meditation -6

The posture is a tool to help the mind be more aware and more stable. If you are serious about meditation, posture plays a significant role.

Secret of Good Meditation -7

What is the secret of good meditation? If you get a grip on this, you will always be able to maintain the quality of your meditation.

Concentrative Meditation -8

There are different kinds of meditation and people often want to know what they are actually supposed to do when they meditate. Concentrative meditation is one such way.

Contemplative Meditation -9

Contemplation is not thinking, interpreting or evaluation; it is an awareness or perception and a non judgemental quality of mind. It is a popular way to meditate.

Witness Meditation -10

Witnessing is a simple and powerful meditation technique. It is effective in improving mental peace in general, but its essence has to be understood, before one starts to practice it.