Chess Grandmaster Vidit Gujrathi reveals how meditation app Black Lotus helped him ace his game

Chess Grandmaster Vidit Gujrathi reveals how meditation app Black Lotus helped him ace his game

‘Focus’ is an essential component of a competitive environment, especially in sports. Not only does it allow performers to concentrate and achieve success, but it also allows them to attend to the cues to gain a competitive edge.

No wonder, therefore, that Indian Chess grandmaster, India rank 3, Vidit Gujrathi reveals meditation as one of the biggest secrets of his success.

“I use the Black Lotus app for meditation, and it has helped me to focus better, gain a competitive edge by being calm, and hence ace my game,” says Vidit.

He uses the Black Lotus Meditation app for his daily dose of guided meditation sessions, breathing exercises, and mindfulness activities. Vidit has recently qualified for the FIDE chess World Cup 2021, to be held in Sochi, Russia from 10 July.  He is currently the third-highest rated player in India and is the fourth Indian player to have crossed the Elo rating threshold of 2700.

Black Lotus has recently revealed an expert pack of guided meditation sessions painstakingly designed for sports enthusiasts. Sports psychologists have long recommended using meditation and mindfulness to be better at sports. The practice of meditation helps strengthen the focus and drop all distractions, negative thoughts that may interfere with one’s success. Meditation also builds agility and compassion; it is not surprising that a noise-free and sharper mind is an essential component of a successful athlete. Research has shown that meditation can help athletes cope with physical pain, stress, and performance anxiety.

Black Lotus is one of the world’s most impactful meditation apps that has touched over 1 million lives and is behavioral science-backed. The app fosters the habit of quality meditation using a proprietary transformational framework  – R.A.R.E (Reflect, Act, Reinforce, Evaluate).

“We have curated a special meditation pack for people who want to excel in sports. Our app also has expert guidance from champions like Vidit Gujrathi helping the youth of India to achieve their sports dreams,” said Vikram Shastry, CEO at Black Lotus.

The Black Lotus app also combines meditation with daily kindness and mindfulness actions to deepen the impact of meditation and bring about an increased sense of overall well-being in a user’s day. Athletes who have difficulty sleeping due to the stress of their training or upcoming competitions could benefit from the app immensely with the help of guided sessions for better sleep. Perceivable positive changes are seen in users within 21 days of the use of the app.

Sports enthusiasts who incorporate meditation into their workout routine can be better prepared for competition and have a mental edge on their opponents. Mental health, along with the physical health of a sportsperson, is of paramount importance for optimum performance.

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