Meditation App for 2021 – Top 5 Impactful Meditation Apps in the World

Meditation App for 2021 – Top 5 Impactful Meditation Apps in the World

Prioritizing your mental health is never up for negotiation. Here are the top 5 best meditation apps that you can use to unwind from daily hassle and relax your mind.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of modern everyday life, a lot of us often find ourselves suffering from stress, anxiety, and a lack of focus. This isn’t really a surprise considering how hectic and complicated the life of an average individual is. There are roles to perform, priorities to manage, and bills to pay.

Even though these are all important things, but prolonged busyness without giving some time to yourself for self-care can really harm your mental health. What makes matters worse is that even if we decide to start prioritizing our mental health, not all of us can afford a wellness coach or a yoga instructor.

Fortunately, there are some meditation apps designed specifically for this purpose. In this article, we are going to be looking at our top 5 picks for the most impactful meditation apps available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store that you can download today. Let’s get started.

1. Calm

Google Play Store Rating: 4.1 (Editors’ Choice app)
Apple App Store Rating: 4.6

There’s a good chance you might have come across Calm before. It is an Editors’ Choice app on the Google Play Store and is an easy pick for anyone looking to reduce their anxiety and stress. The app uses soothing nature sounds and relaxing images to calm you down.

One of the best things about Calm is its versatility.

Not only does it help you meditate, but it also features other well-being offerings as well. One of such features is Sleep Stories that includes bedtime stories read by celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, Idris Elba, Kate Winslet, and more.

Calm Body, the latest addition to the Calm app, features 10-minute guided videos that teach gentle stretching. It’s designed to help your body release all the stress that you accumulate throughout the day and help you relax. Calm is built around the idea of personalization.

Whether you have 3 minutes or 30, Calm fits your schedule.

2. Black Lotus

Google Play Store Rating: 4.8
Apple App Store Rating: 4.8

Black Lotus is one of our personal favorites. Backed by behavioral science experts and deep research on the effects of meditation and positive psychology, Black Lotus is centered on mindfulness and self-improvement.

It promotes the idea of using meditation as a tool to become kinder, less stressed, more productive, and happier. What we love the most about Black Lotus is its result-oriented approach towards meditation.

Founded by acclaimed Indian monk Om Swami, Black Lotus integrates mediation in your everyday life to draw tangible results such as improving emotional well-being, controlling anger, bettering relationships, and practicing gratitude.

It does so by using a comprehensive action-driven framework called the R.A.R.E. (Reflect. Act. Reinforce. Evaluate) model of meditation which aims to help users form healthy long-term habits by spending less than 12-17 minutes a day in the app.

3. Headspace

Google Play Store Rating: 4.6 (Editors’ Choice app)
Apple App Store Rating: 4.8

Headspace is perhaps the most ‘colorful’ meditation app on our list, which we’re guessing contributed to its Editors’ Choice award on Google Play Store. With beautiful designs and an intuitive user interface, Headspace is a solid pick for beginners.

It markets itself as a “Meditation & Sleep” app and delivers what it promises.

What we find the most unique about Headspace is how it features meditative sessions designed not just for teens and adults but also for kids under categories like “5 and under,” “six to eight,” and “nine to twelve.” This helps develop positive meditation habits from an early age.

Headspace’s features are designed to be task-specific.

For instance, Focus helps boost concentration for people working from home, Move Mode helps release stress and boost mood via at-home workouts led by Olympian trainers Kim Glass and Leon Taylor, and The Wake Up helps brighten your mornings for a fresh start via a daily video series that includes inspiring stories, expert advice, and beautiful animations.

4. Insight Timer

Google Play Store Rating: 4.9 (Editors’ Choice app)
Apple App Store Rating: 4.8

Aside from being an Editors’ Choice app, what makes Insight Timer special is how much content the app actually has. From Live events to community interactions to courses taught by leading mindfulness teachers to a jam-packed library of 60,000 FREE meditation and music tracks, the app has plenty to offer to all kinds of audiences.

What we love the most about Insight Timer is its attention to its community. One of the features that caught our eye is Group Meditation, the latest addition to the app. The feature allows you to create and join private mediation rooms within your Circles to meditate together in real-time. Cool, right? We think so too.

Not just that, Insight Timer is also loaded with over 90,000 FREE guided meditations spread across 200 topics of interest. The app has a rich selection of diverse playlists focusing on various goals such as improving sleep, coping with anxiety, managing stress, unwinding with music, finding inner peace, and a lot more.

5. Breethe

Google Play Store Rating: 4.6
Apple App Store Rating: 4.6

If there’s one app on our list that deserves the title “jack of all trades, master of none,” it’s Breethe. Breethe is everything a simple meditation app should be: easy-to-use, filled with features, and easy to navigate across the user interface in the app.

Recognized as a Must-Have app by Apple, Breethe is perfect for people who like to do more with less. With over 1,500 meditations, bedtime stories, hypnotherapy sessions, talks, and sounds, Breeze is designed to easily fit into your daily life, all while complementing your schedule.

One particular feature that we found very interesting was My Life Kit that asks you a series of questions to get to know you better so as to create a personalized toolkit calibrated according to your specific needs. From falling asleep to dealing with pandemic stress, Breethe has a beautiful way of handling everyday mental struggles.

Thank you for reading this article.

We hope you found this guide insightful in exploring the different qualities of each of our curations. Feel free to try them all out and see which one suits you the best. We wish you a journey of mindfulness and strength.

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